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    Hola Tiina! I just recently discovered your blog and I love it! I was wondering if you could tell me where I can find a tutorial to change colors like you did in this particular project, I love that wavy look. Gracias!

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    Moikka! Tykkään tosi paljon tosta kuviosta! Mietin vaan sitä että miten liikutat tuota lankaa kun teet nurjaa puolta? Yritin kotona kaikenlaisia konsteja ja en vain ymmärrä.. Itse tykkään neuloa mutten ole kovin hyvä :D Olisi kiva saada joltain siis tietoa :)

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      Tiina Post author

      Kiitos! Ja siis moikka :) Mää tarkistan lähes jokaisen langanvaihdon yhteydessä, ettei lanka ole kireällä ja jotenki siinä neuloessa sujautan sen yhden sormen yli, että pysyy löysällä. Ne on mun vinkit antaa :)

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    Can someone please explain to me… If you don't show ID how will they know who you are? If you are registered to vote etc??? Can anyone just walk up give a name and vote? Thanks I am not from US so forgive my ignorance.

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    Thank you both. Coleman – I looked at the link you gave, but was unable to see how to contact you. I would potentially be interested in writing an article for you, although I am not currently doing anything with digital scrapbooking. You’d have to let me know what topics you’d like to see, and I can tell you if I feel knowledgeable enough to write on that. If you are interested in something like this, you can email me on the , above.

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    , but also what the AKAs did. And it was a mistake — why offend the first lady? She didn't give these remarks. The governor said something dumb, but this was not the ugliest thing a Florida governor has ever said. Not worth turning into a racial divide, but that's what Alpha Kappa Alpha has done. Foolish decision.

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    I have a history question; When they wrote the Constitution IF they wanted it to mean ‘born in the United States” wouldn’t they have worded it that way…”born on the soil of the United States” instead of “natural born”?

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    Pensi quindi più col prossimo T-1? Che potrebbe anche (forse) chiudere il T+3. l ipotesi primaria per me resta sempre quella per ora non riscontrando conferme diverse, minimi weekly 19/23 (estensione al 27).Piuttosto dovremo fare attentenzione a ws visto il raggiungimento del prezzo/tempo ottimale gia’ in questa ottava, ma nulla vieta di andare in eccesso.

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    It is very useful.I have a few questions to ask.1. Can we use the company D/E ratio itself instead of industry D/E (based on your example, you used the industry D/E)?2. For the terminal value, why do you add only 0.5 yrs for discount period (4.5 + 0.5), why not 1 yr?Thank you very much.

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    Por cierto que el provincialismo se extiende a otros Premio Príncipe: aunque es público y notorio que España no pinta nada internacionalmente en Ciencias, si miras la lista de galardonados con este premio, la mitad son españoles.Vergonzoso.

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    Evet deÄŸiÅŸken ismiyle ses dosyasının ismi aynı ve mp3 formatında. Ayrıca raw. yazıp ctrl+space yaptığımda hiçbiÅŸi çıkmıyo, yani ses dosyalarını görmüyo ama sol tarafta rawın altına görünüyo.VA:F [1.9.14_1148]please wait…VA:F [1.9.14_1148](from 0 votes)

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    I adore that look you put together, B! So glam!When I want to add a little glamour to my life, I get dressed up and go out with my sis for some champagne!xoxox,CC

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    Jaja como puede. Dudar de ese video jaja supero fake simplemente ve laCalidad de texto en lasEscenas Ademas de laGente que disque fue jaja súperFake

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    Realmente Verônica, livros de fantasia são mesmo complicados de se indicar, por serem universos tão complexos. Eu estou lendo O Jardim das Rosas Negras, que é da mesma autora e estou gostando. Esta trilogia com certeza já está na minha lista. BjusLia

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    Great post Ann – no doubt you will continue to do well – just as your son will, in part because of how well you and your husband have done. Congrats to the family.

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    November 17, 2008 at 16:53so i have to add u to my travel section too , funny i had recently taken u off the travel section but maybe it does make a lot of sense Reply

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    Witam. emocjonująca dyskusja. mam do kupienia BMW 320d E46 2002r diesel 150KMchciałbym się dowiedzieć jak najwięcej o tym autku. najczęstrze awarie, dane techniczne, spalanie, itd. to jest tył napęd? coś o silniku, czy to jest bardzo awaryjna jednostk? Wczesniej jezdziłem inną marka więc nie miałem styczności. proszę pomoc. może jakieś linki do dobrych stron w tym temacie. Dziękuje i pozdrawiam.

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    Nice! I can’t use pencils, because they smear and I have a problem if they’re not the perfect point between newly sharpened and used. (And now you know how deep my weird tendencies really run!)

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    Підтримую.. і діяти до останього..P.S. Перед походом на протест раджу власникам масок для ниряння їх взяти, та також чистої негазованої води та марлеву пов’язку, при застосування сльозогінного газу знадобиться..P.P.S. Вила і смолоскипи не будуть зайві, за потреби вони піднімають ККД протесту в рази.. але не поспішайте їх діставати, чекайте поки беркут знахабніє..

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    1- Une application qui collecte une donnée aussi confidentielle qu’un mot de passe est-elle légale dans l’absolu?2- Quel préjudice pour les utilisateurs qui ont été piégés à leur insu?3- Apple assurant une modération a priori de ses applications n’est-elle pas aussi responsable?4- Quelle représentativité de l’étude? Elle ne porte que sur l’iphone, donc sur le public apple, des utilisateurs moins avertis, moins conscients des risques, plus crédules et naïfs.

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    Possibilité alternative : un effet de seuil.Un même joueur ne peut pas apporter plus de 1000 points.Au moins, si Djokovic se déchire les ligaments de la cheville avec ses glissades insensées à l’OA, ça évite à ceux qui ne l’ont pas pris en Tocard de se retrouver nécessairement tout en bas du classement.

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    Very interesting details you have observed , thanks for posting . “It’s the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion.” by Rebecca West.

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    August 17, 2012 I was in Hanoi last year I loved it… the scooters are crazy, I saw 2 guys taking a 3m high mirror on the back of one heading out into peak hour traffic… Thanks for the memory jolt…

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    I know this is a little off topic but a little on the “hard reset”, I’m fed up with so called “experts” youtube videos and forum posts saying to unplug the power on a frozen console. This is never a good idea (especially over n over again), all consoles (and most PCs) will power down no matter how hung if you just hold the power button for 5-20seconds (depending on the hardware).It may be a load of bollocks that it’s a bad idea to just unplug but surely it’s better safe than sorry Rant over…

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    Extra extra read all about it! WOW girl these are such awesome features. It has been so much fun partying with you girls. Oh and it ain't over!

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    I love The Night Circus. A friend of mine is friends with E.M. and I am very jealous. AND I love A Winter’s Tale. So, I guess this means I have to read this Phantastes. Nothing bothered me about this book, but I’m like that. Once I love a story, I’m blind. And the picture at the top of this post–I want.I know someone who was driven crazy by E.M.’s lack of detailed description–as you say. I never noticed. Does that mean I’m a flawed/failed reader? Oh well. Heaven knows what this means about my own writing. Anyway, lovely review. Great book.

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    Whoooaaa, let's go for a ride!–step back Mr & Mrs Smith? Maybe. :::smiles:::, I'm so Lovin' every single shoot (especially 5 & 10)! I would have LOVED see Brad & Angelina OR Vienna & Jake (The Bachelor) do this spread over……but they still can hold the crown down :)

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    Awesome gift for your son, LOL. And, these parts “about us”, “contact us”, “how to pay”, “return policy” on our site will help u find the answer. Have a nice shopping:-)

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    The other reason why moving house in Germany could be much will that obtaining free cardboard boxes is virtually impossible. One cannot go to a local supermarket or newsagent to inquire about discarded boxes. Everything in Germany is being recycled – a cardboard box that once held cans of pet food or washing powder is invariably coming with a recycling plant before one has a chance to ask. Most German removal firms offer therefore green, recyclable boxes either for sale or for hire – at a high price.

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    Herlig Ã¥ se sÃ¥ mange ideer du deler med oss om uteplasser- har akkurat i dag fÃ¥tt tak i en trommel- ideer til hva den skal brukes til mangler æ heller ikke ….deler etterhvert..Kos dæ me alle dine terasse platÃ¥er!

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    Je ne comprends pas. Je me pose des questionsLe titre déjà : où peut aller le mal ? lorsque je l’ai lu, j’ai pensé « jusqu’où peut aller le mal »… rien à voir…je me sens toute petite quand je regarde les étoiles, tout comme avant; je ne vois pas pourquoi ma liberté étoilée serait le signe funeste du mal absolu.(je dis n’importe quoi)

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    What a wonderful post! I never imagined that I would be one of “those people” who made friends online, but I have. And these friendships (even the ones I’ve not cemented in person) have come to mean a great deal to me. My blogging friends provide me with perspective and insight that I sometimes don’t get (or, more likely, am afraid to seek) from some of my in-person friends. I have truly enjoyed our developing friendship, and hope to see it deepend further with time. Cheers to you, blogging, and friendship. Love and hugs!

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    Craig,Off hand I don’t know where Atzerodt’s gun is. Post your question on the forum. I know of one gentleman there who knows a lot about the weapons used in the assassination.

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    Oi Angélica! É claro, vale muito uma passeadinha em Londres mesmo que seja por um dia! Você vai ver que, se programar direitinho, vai conseguir visitar bastante coisa. Se o teu tempo for bem apertado, dá pra substituir algum passeio que não te interesse muito pelo Madame Tussauds (que é bem diferente!). Na minha opinião, uma boa troca neste caso seria a National Gallery. Só fica ligada no horário de funcionamento do museu – no site tem o horário certinho pra cada dia. Um beijo e boa viagem!

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    The concluding verdict of R4′s PM was to quote a tweet by Ben Bradshaw (Labour MP for Exeter) “Patten a class act, Tim Davie acting BBC DG displayed reassuring grip in their joint appearance before DCMS Select Committee “, so an unbiassed report there, then.   5 likes

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    you know that impersonating a Judge is a crime?? Ok, good luck with that one. Heading to report you right this minute. ORYR moderator, please record this IP information for legal reasons.

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    Subbed Nancy for xfit total today at… 11:30. Felt like really crushing my body today, and did. Puked in the neighbors yard, 14:47 rx and looking forward to being back in the gym on a more normal schedule.

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    ale to jeszcze nie przesądza o jego orientacji. Lully miał 6-tkę dzieci a kochał tylko pazia imieniem Brunet. Więc może m-dzy Sokratesem a Platonem też coś międzyludzkiego się tliło?

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